Bella the Shy Kitty Found Her Home

Bella the Shy Kitty Found Her Home


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Isabel Nie  has been wanting to adopt a cat for a long time. Once she finished school and settled down, she visited a nearby local animal shelter, hoping to have her dream fulfilled. Isabel met several kitties, but it was Bella who came to her and sat comfortably on her lap. It was as if Bella had chosen Isabel to be her new mom. A few days later, this adorable furry girl found her way to her new forever home.

Bella was very shy when she arrived in her new home, taking refuge immediately under the couch right after she got out of the carrier. Isabel stayed nearby, trying to use toys and food to coax her out while talking softly to her to ensure that she was safe. With a lot of love and patience, Bella slowly came out of her shell and out of the couch, sniffing around her new crib and exploring everything she could find. All the new scents were intriguing to her, and eventually she found a bed and swiftly jumped on it and laid on her back. It was then Isabel learned that Bella had accepted her new home.

"Having a cat is a lot of responsibility and it can cost a lot, but when I see her face, I can't help but think what would happen to her if I didn't take her with me. I feel like I am the one to take care of her. It's all worth it as long as she is healthy and happy," said Isabel.



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