Big Kitty Adopts Tiny Orphaned Kitten and Becomes His Best Friend


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A rescue kitten adopted a tiny orphaned kitten and became his best friend!

This is tiny Merlin, an orphaned kitten, after his first bath.

Photo: Jimmy Legs

Pigeon the calico was found abandoned at a pigeon supply shop when she was still a wee kitten.

Jimmy Legs, an animal rescuer, took her into his foster care and nursed her back to health.

A few weeks later, they found Merlin, an orphaned baby who was in need of some motherly love.

When Pigeon and Merlin met, it was an instant bond.

Photo: Jimmy Legs

When they met, they immediately cuddled.

Pigeon became Merlin the little sister he never had.

Photo: Jimmy Legs

Merlin clung to her like glue.

They are both rescues and they adore each other like family.

Photo: Jimmy Legs

Merlin the tiny baby was so happy to have someone to cuddle with.

Inseparable friends!

Photo: Jimmy Legs


Thanks to a second chance at life, both Merlin and Pigeon have been adopted!

Photo: Jimmy Legs

All grown up!

Photo: Jimmy Legs

Photos by Jimmy Legs | flickr.

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