Billie the Irresistible Bundle of Energy

Billie the Irresistible Bundle of Energy


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Photos courtesy of ©Ellie Morris.

Billie found Ellie and her family after their Border Collie passed away in December last year. When they met, it was love at first sight for Ellie. At around four months of age, Billie is already running the house and ruling the roost.

"She is very cute, probably at her cutest in the morning because when you come down she will give you loads of fuss like she's missed you since the night before," said Ellie. "About 9 o'clock at night she gets a bit crazy and runs around constantly jumping off sofas and biting things and playing with everything she can find."

Billie also met another furry friend named Pippin who is Ellie's older cat. "Billie likes to follow Pippin around, which she doesn't really like but I think she is secretly growing on her."

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