Black Cat Does Amazing Job Teaching Humans to Fold Boxes


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This delivery company not only has cats in their logo, but also they get help from a real black cat to teach their customers how to fold their shipping boxes. Cats are experts of cardboard boxes. This kitty does an amazing job in the video and the tail-whap at the end is brilliant!

Yamato Transport is a well-known delivery company in Japan. "The company's logo is a yellow oval with a black mother cat carrying her kitten in her mouth, symbolizing the company's promise that they take care of items entrusted to them as though the items were their own family. The company is often colloquially referred to as 黒ねこ (Kuro Neko) which means 'black cat' in Japanese." (wikipedia)

"If I fits, I ships!"

Watch the full video here:

They even make mini delivery cars out of cardboard for their beloved feline friends.

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