Blind Dog Gives Orphaned Kittens Love of a Mother

Blind Dog Gives Orphaned Kittens Love of a Mother


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Three tiny orphaned kittens found an unusual mother, a dog who can't see but it didn't stop her from loving her feline babies.

The kittens were so young their eyes weren't even opened. When the family brought the rescue babies home, they were in need of a lot of motherly love, so the family decided to introduce the kittens to their dog who had lost her eye sight to cataract, but had always had a soft spot for those in need.

To their surprise, the kittens immediately nuzzled into the dog's fur and even tried to nurse while their dog accepted them by giving them baths and love.

It was a strong bond from the start!

More info: Akiko.

Three orphaned kittens got a new mom to snuggle with.

Photo by ©Akiko.

Their canine foster mom can't see, but it doesn't stop her from loving her fur babies.

Photo by ©Akiko.

Photo by ©Akiko.

Thanks to their blind foster mom, the kitties grew big and strong and were all adopted to their forever loving homes.

Photo by ©Akiko.

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