Bowser The Majestic Beast

Bowser The Majestic Beast


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Meet Bowser the cat who has a pair of fierce and majestic looking eyes and quite a purrsonality. "I am an old angry man trapped in a cat's body. I spend my days sleeping, eating frosted flakes, breaking things, making the foulest smelling poops you've ever encountered, and spilling my water bowl," says Bowser on his Facebook.

Bowser's human wrote: "The day I brought him home. I had no name for him, and was calling him Moltar for a good 48 hours before Bowser popped in my head. It stuck. He was the last of his litter to be adopted because people thought he was mean. His foster mom told me he was the sweetest of the group, and he fell asleep in my arms when I picked him up."

"Bowser has a ton of Maine Coon traits but he's a total mutt. His mom was a short hair tortoiseshell that was found pregnant on the beach."

Bowser and his partner (Cartel the chihuahua) in crime

Bowser looking absolutely majestic!

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