Brave Kitten Survived Attack, Wears Lion King Sweater to Help Her Heal

Brave Kitten Survived Attack, Wears Lion King Sweater to Help Her Heal


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A little young kitten miraculously survived an attack that could have easily taken her life, but her will to live prevailed. She wore a tiny Lion King sweater to help her recover. Just like her incredible bravery, this tiny ball of fur has the heart of a lion.

Meet Gingersnap the kitten!

Courtesy: ©Best Friends Animal Society

At just five weeks old, Gingersnap was brought into the Best Friends Animal Society after she was found with wounds on her back and neck. "Though it was likely another animal, no one knows for sure what grabbed her," Best Friends shares the story with Love Meow.

Gingersnap survived living in the wild with her injuries until a teenager rescued her and took her to the nearby Best Friends Animal Clinic.

"Baby kittens running around outside aren't really good at avoiding infection. As deep as her wounds were, an infection could easily have turned deadly."

The veterinary team at Cat World at Best Friends immediately cleaned her wounds and applied medication to relieve the pain. "This kitten stole my heart," Cindy Froh, the vet tech, said.

Courtesy: ©Best Friends Animal Society

"After doing all the cleaning and stuff to her, she put her front paws on my chest and looked up at me to be picked up! When I picked her up, she snuggled her head under my chin. She is so sweet," Froh said.

The vet team patched her up, and Katie Kyzivat of Cat World took the tiny fur buddy home so the kitten could continue to recieve the best care during her recovery.

Courtesy: ©Best Friends Animal Society

The rambunctious little ginger gal is incredibly brave and very curious. She is fearless just like a little lion cub.

In order to protect the tender skin on her neck and back and prevent reopening the wounds, Katie found Gingersnap the perfect suit that matches her personality - a Lion King sweater.

Courtesy: ©Best Friends Animal Society

"The sweater makes her look like a tiny Muppet, but that just makes her even more endearing as she scampers around Katie's house, exploring or chasing after a green jingly ball," Best Friends said.

Courtesy: ©Best Friends Animal Society

Gingersnap even made a friend!

Her feline buddy taught her how to play like a big kitty.

Courtesy: ©Best Friends Animal Society

The little courageous kitten has made a full recovery and is more adventurous than ever.

"For what she lacks in size, she makes up for it tenfold in confidence and independence."

Courtesy: ©Best Friends Animal Society

Gingersnap has graduated from her Lion King sweater and moved into her forever loving home.

She has touched so many people's hearts with her loving spirit and fearless cattitude. She's forever that courageous lion kitty!

Courtesy: ©Best Friends Animal Society

Watch this adorable video:

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