Buddy the 23-year-old Cat Reunited with His Human! There's More to the Story...

Buddy the 23-year-old Cat Reunited with His Human! There's More to the Story...


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Buddy the 23-year-old cat and his human, Tom Gillespie in a happy reunion with Dr. Thorne who managed Buddy's care while he was at Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center.

A 23-year-old cat, Buddy, has been reunited with his best friend, Tom Gillespie, who rescued him nearly 20 years ago. Tom never stopped searching for his beloved cat after he went missing. But there's more to the story...

Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center shares the story at Facebook: "A Good Samaritan found a kitty in Far North Dallas late Sunday night and called us for help. Our officer picked up the kitty and brought him back here for care. The kitty was obviously elderly and thin, and seemed quite fragile, so he called on one of our vets for advice.

Both the vet and the Officer were unsure if the kitty would make it through the night, but they did what they could to make him comfortable and the next morning he was looking a little better. He was very frail, though, so the vet staff kept a close eye on him over the holiday, and were very relieved when late Tuesday night, the kitty's owner, Tom, contacted us.

Home sweet home! Buddy loves his bed! :)

Tom had been out searching for the kitty every night and finally ran into a neighbor who knew the Good Samaritan had called us. Tom was very grateful that we had Buddy, and had been caring for him, and thrilled our Officer and our Veterinarian had taken so much personal interest in his kitty."

But there's more to the story...

Buddy was rescued as a stray nearly 20 years ago...

"For three years, Tom's brother had cared for Buddy, a neighborhood stray, and the two had enjoyed a very special bond. So when Tom's brother passed away, Tom never hesitated to take Buddy in and care for him. That was nearly 20 years ago. No one is sure how old Buddy is, but it turns out he is at least 23, and maybe older. The good news is this old boy is now back home safe where he belongs, and we'd like to wish Tom and Buddy many more happy years together." (Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center)

"I will never let you go!"

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