Can't Afford Vet Bills & Toys. What Should I Do?

Can't Afford Vet Bills & Toys. What Should I Do?


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If you are not able to afford expensive vet bills or toys, do not fret, there are options out there that may be able to alleviate the financial constraint you are experiencing in this economy.

Low-cost Veterinarian Clinics:

Low-cost veterinarian clinics are mostly non-profit clinics that are run based on donations. They offer limited hours, so the downside is that you may have to wait to get an appointment. However, you will only be billed for the amount you can afford. Your local SPCA or any animal welfare organization can help you locate a low-cost veterinarian clinic in your area. If the clinics are not available in your area, the SPCA or animal welfare organization will help you find an alternative clinic or organization that may offer the same service. provides a finder for you to locate low-cost vaccination clinics in the US.

Pet Health Insurance:

If your pet is prone to health issues and requires frequent vet visits, it is wise to purchase an insurance policy to cover future big vet expenses. There are 2 major pet insurance companies:

  1. ASPCA Pet Health Insurance
  2. VPI Pet Insurance

They offer affordable policies for your cats' health care coverage. It can remove a huge burden off your shoulder, if your cat needs to undergo treatment, diagnosis, surgery and so forth.

Cannot Afford Insurance:

If pet health insurance is not an option, what you can do is start raising funds for vet expenses from now on. Saving $5 - $10 per day can make a big difference when your pet does need it for a health emergency. Many people assume that they cannot afford vet bills, thus postpone their vet visits and delay proper treatment for their cats. The result can be detrimental.

Pet Toys:

Pet toys found at the pet stores are usually marked up from the wholesale prices. If you want to find a cheaper price of the same toys, you can visit a wholesale online outlet to order the toys directly from them. The prices are marked at wholesale value. One of the most popular wholesale pet toy online store is PetEdge.

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