Cat Dad and His 'Son' Of 14 Years Share Incredible Bond In These Beautiful Moments...

Cat Dad and His 'Son' Of 14 Years Share Incredible Bond In These Beautiful Moments...


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14 years ago, a man brought home an affectionate kitten and became his new dad. The two formed an incredible bond.

Meet Mango Brown and his Cat Dad!

Courtesy: @justmangobrown

Mango Brown was six months old when his Cat Dad came into his life. The sweet Bengal kitty constantly demanded hugs and kisses. As he grew bigger, his love for his dad grew fonder.

"Their cuteness was too much to handle and their special relationship just needed to be shared with the world. Mango radiates happiness," Tiffany, Cat Mom, told Love Meow.

The kitty loves to talk and give kisses. When he is in the loving mood, he gets a very distinct gaze.

Courtesy: @justmangobrown

"He will stop at nothing to get the attention and closeness he craves. Mango has always been loving, talkative and would rather give kisses than be pet."

He is his humans' purrfect sidekick.

Courtesy: @justmangobrown

"If he is not napping close by he follows us around the house. When there are visitors he will greet them with meows and kisses."

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Courtesy: @justmangobrown

The sweet kitty makes sure his humans are never alone and keeps them company at all times.

A bear hug with his Cat Dad.

Courtesy: @justmangobrown

"He wants to be close to the action so we generally take him on vacation with us," Tiffany told Love Meow.

"He is a calm traveler and loves staying in hotels."

Courtesy: @justmangobrown

Mango never leaves his Dad when he naps.

Courtesy: @justmangobrown

"We always say he's like a little human in a cat package, truly a once-in-a-lifetime magical cat."

Courtesy: @justmangobrown

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Watch Mango and his Cat Dad in this adorable video:

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