Cat Helps Run Hair Salon for 4 Years and Never Takes a Day Off - She Has an Important Job


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Seven years ago, a little abandoned kitten found her way into a woman's heart. A hairdresser from Melbourne, Australia saved her from an uncertain fate and the kitty decided to return the favor by providing a very important service for every client that walks into her salon.

Meet Betty Boo!

Betty Boo @bettyboo_thesaloncat

Little Betty was just eight weeks old when Chris Guglielmi found her. The little tabby had a rough beginning to life as an abandoned kitten.

After she was nursed back to health at the vet clinic, Chris came back for her and made her a permanent part of her family.

Betty has been a very cuddly and affectionate cat ever since. She loves people and especially enjoys lap time. Whenever she sees someone nearby, cuddles are in order.

Betty Boo @bettyboo_thesaloncat

Chris opened a hair salon, BABAR Hair, in October 2013, and naturally Betty wanted to be part of it.

Not only did she come to work with her human every day, but also she took on the role as their one and only purrfessional feline assistant to provide comfort, cuddles and an exclusive lap-warming service to every client that enters the salon.

Betty Boo @bettyboo_thesaloncat

If someone is waiting on the couch, Betty comes to them to keep them company. She is often seen sitting in clients' laps while they are getting their haircut.

Betty Boo @bettyboo_thesaloncat

There are chairs, couches and various perching spots installed at the salon, but Betty prefers her clients to catnap on.

Cuddling with them makes her a very happy kitty, and she never fails to put a smile on their faces.

Betty Boo @bettyboo_thesaloncat

When Betty spots someone at the hair washing station, she will make a beeline to their lap and provide snuggles during the wash.

Betty wants to comfort them during this unthinkable experience of their hair being submersed in water.

Betty Boo @bettyboo_thesaloncat

The tabby girl gets plenty of neck and head scratches daily.

When she falls sleep in a client's lap, no one has the heart to wake her up.

Betty Boo @bettyboo_thesaloncat

Clients make the best pillows!

Betty Boo @bettyboo_thesaloncat

Their laps are just as warm as the heater.

Betty Boo @bettyboo_thesaloncat

Betty will remind her client to get off the phone and pet her by staring into their eyes or nudging their hands with her face.

"Put down the phone and pet me meow!"

Betty Boo @bettyboo_thesaloncat

Much better!

Betty Boo @bettyboo_thesaloncat

A client is having her hair washed, so Betty comes to her rescue to ease this "traumatic" experience.

Betty Boo @bettyboo_thesaloncat

No lap goes empty.

Every new lap gets some love and cuddles from Betty.

Betty Boo @bettyboo_thesaloncat

A little head scratches make her the happiest kitty in the world!

Betty Boo @bettyboo_thesaloncat

She will take any lap, anywhere, any time, even if the clients are getting their hair washed or just sitting on the couch waiting.

Betty makes sure everyone gets their kitty fix.

Betty Boo @bettyboo_thesaloncat

"If I'm not on your lap, I'm in your face. Pet me!"

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