Cat Hides Under Bed for a Month, Now Has Come a Long Way

Cat Hides Under Bed for a Month, Now Has Come a Long Way


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Toki was a very shy kitten when he first arrived in his new home. He hid under the bed for an entire month and was not willing to come out. But all the patience paid off, after Toki's human mom placed food and water near the bed and spent a lot of time with him everyday, talking and petting him whenever he felt more comfortable with human touch. Then one day Toki finally came out. "(He) is now the most fantastic cat," she said via reddit.

"Moral (of the story is): don't take rescues back (to the shelter) if they seem a little antisocial at first," she added. The truth is sometimes they just need a bit of love and reassurance to trust again. Once they know they are loved, they will love you back even more.

Toki a very shy kitten arrives in his new home

He takes refuge under the bed...

his human mom comforts him with food, water and a lot of love

A month later, Toki finally came out of the bed

He even accepted the family dog

Today, he's a little boss in his home

Photos via imgur.

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