Cat Mama & Her Kittens Travel from Middle East to the US for Second Chance [Partner Story]

Cat Mama & Her Kittens Travel from Middle East to the US for Second Chance [Partner Story]


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You can help Harmony Fund by voting for them in this $250,000 competition

This feline family travelled half way around the world because it was the only chance for their survival. The calico mama cat was living on the streets in the Middle East and her daily burden was to scavenge for food in a community where people were unkind to her. She would sleep in bushes during the rain, hide under cars at night. Each day was a challenge for survival.

One day mama cat got too tired. She sat down in the road and a car was coming at her full speed. In a split second, animal rescue volunteer Manuela Wroblewski dropped the 20 pound bag of food she was carrying through the streets for homeless animals and she scooped up the cat with utterly no time to spare.

She brought the cat to her apartment and that night this sweet calico became a mom to a beautiful litter of kittens. Manuela reached to The Great Animal Rescue Chase & Harmony Fund that take in animals that are deemed to be "uneachable". With their help, two weeks later, the entire furry family flew to the United States through a program run by Harmony Fund.

Today Harmony Fund is trying to bring urgent care to animal rescue squads across the planet, including rebuilding the roof on an animal shelter in Bulgaria and helping a sanctuary in Russia with no heat to protect the cats and dogs from the bitter cold.

You can help The Great Animal Rescue Chase & Harmony Fund by voting for them in this $250,000 competition.

The cat mama and her new home in the US

One of the kittens falls asleep in his new human sister's arms

A bundle of joy

Happy little kittens at their new and safe home

Photos courtesy of The Great Animal Rescue Chase & Harmony Fund (follow them on Facebook).

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