Cat Mama Swamped by Crazy Hungry Kittens!

Cat Mama Swamped by Crazy Hungry Kittens!


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When Cate the cat mama is swamped by her hungry kittens, there's no chance for an escape.

Cate's foster dad writes: "Our former VOKRA foster cat Cate's kittens going crazy at meal time, what a fun and lovable crew they all were!

Cate was adopted into a fabulous forever home and her kittens were adopted out in pairs to fabulous homes too."

WATCH VIDEO: Being a mama is hard work!

Feeding time has always been busy for Cate since the kittens were babies.

Mama trying to make room for everyone.

So hungry!

Cate is a good mama cat. 

Watch Cate talk to her kittens

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