Cat Mom Wants to Meet Woman Before She Adopts Her Baby


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Mama kitty gave her baby's adopter an 'interview' before she let her adopt her baby.

"Mama Kitty wants to meet me before I adopt her baby."

Courtesy: Ryva

When reddit user Ryva went to see the kitten that needed a home, her cat mama came over and decided to do a little purrsonal interview with Ryva.

"The mama cat already has a family," Ryva told Love Meow.

She spent some time with the mama to assure her that she would take great care of her baby and love her unconditionally.

"We did end up adopting our little Thunderpuff!" Cat mama approved!

On her way to her forever home!

Courtesy: Ryva

First nap in her new home!

Courtesy: Ryva

"She is full of energy and also very cuddly. Her full name is Empress Thunderpuff Starchild."

Courtesy: Ryva

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