Cat Mom Gets a Helping Paw from Kitten-loving Dog to Raise Her Babies.


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A beautiful tabby cat came to her foster home just in time to deliver her babies.

Kelly Hartman @suzie_and_kushi

1.5 months ago, Matilda came to Cleveland Animal Protective League, a local animal shelter in Cleveland, Ohio, along with her sister.

"She was surrendered after her family let their two female cats outside and they both came back pregnant," Kelly Hartman, foster mom @suzie_and_kushi, told Love Meow.

The family couldn't handle the stress of two pregnant cats, so Kelly offered to foster Matilda and her kittens while her sister went to another foster home.

Matilda was a bit shy, hiding under the desk. She wanted to be loved and cuddled as long as she could remain in her security spot. By day two, she came out from hiding and revealed her round belly.

Kelly Hartman @suzie_and_kushi

That following Sunday evening, when Kelly's mother, a labor and delivery nurse, walked into the foster room to check on Matilda, she was surprised by what she discovered.

Matilda was not alone any more. By the end of the night, she had given birth to five healthy babies, four boys and one girl - Mr. Honey, Michael, Bruce, Magnus, and Lavender.

Kelly Hartman @suzie_and_kushi

Kelly's kitten-loving dog, Suzie, got wind of the new babies and would wait by the door, eager to meet them. The sweet canine has helped Kelly foster numerous litters of kittens.

"Her reaction is always the same when she hears a crying kitten. She was very curious and desperately wanted to see them," Kelly told Love Meow. "I brought a few out to her to show her so she would understand what was going on."

Kelly Hartman @suzie_and_kushi

Mama Matilda spent the first couple of weeks nursing and caring for her kittens in the comfort of a quiet room. Suzie along with her feline buddies, Sunny and Kushi, would wait outside the door when Kelly was inside with mama.

The kittens spent almost all day with their mom. Occasionally, when Kelly weighed them or gave them a bum bath, Suzie would sneak a peek of her near future.

Kelly Hartman @suzie_and_kushi

When Suzie and Matilda met for the first time, the momma cat walked up to her and brushed her tail against her face for a bit of a proper meet-and-greet. Suzie stayed still so she wouldn't startle Matilda in any way.

"To my surprise, she walked right up to Suzie and said hello. She was cautious but not at all afraid," Kelly told Love Meow.

Kelly Hartman @suzie_and_kushi

When the kittens were almost four weeks old, Matilda was ready to have some more me-time. She has been a very loving and caring mama, but the tabby girl wouldn't mind some help.

Suzie gladly volunteered to watch her babies while she took a break.

Kelly Hartman @suzie_and_kushi

She adores the kittens and they love her just as much.

Kelly Hartman @suzie_and_kushi

"Matilda is reaching the age where she, now and then, needs a break from the babies, so I like to think that she appreciates that Suzie is keeping an eye on them and keeping them out of trouble while she rests," Kelly told Love Meow.

Suzie watches over the kittens and keeps them company.

Kelly Hartman @suzie_and_kushi

Raising five fur kids is hard work!

Kelly Hartman @suzie_and_kushi

"After taking care of five kittens all day, I almost feel like she is happy to see Suzie," Kelly told Love Meow.

"And Suzie just likes having other animals around. It keeps things interesting and keeps her busy."

Kelly Hartman @suzie_and_kushi

The kittens are six weeks old now. When they are big enough, the feline family of six will be spayed/neutered and ready for forever homes.

"I love that Matilda trusts Suzie enough to hang out and help her keep an eye on the babies."

Kelly Hartman @suzie_and_kushi

Follow updates on Matilda and her kittens on Instagram @suzie_and_kushi.

Watch them in this adorable video:

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