Cat Owners Are More Educated Than Dog Owners

Cat Owners Are More Educated Than Dog Owners


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A study published in the Veterinary Record journal concluded that cat owners are generally more educated than dog owners.

The study interviewed 2,980 people from UK, where their location and educational background were recorded. The survey discovered that cat owners are more likely to have a university degree than those with dogs.

Higher educated people are more likely to have cats because they are more independent and are easier to manage. They do not need to be walked nor do they require as much human company as dogs.

More educated people tend to have a busier schedule or faster paced lifestyle. It is not associated with income because there was very little difference found in the survey.

Dr Jane Murray said: "We are confident that our figures are the most accurate yet. The other estimates are produced by the pet food industry and have not been published in peer reviewed journals."

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image via flickr: static416

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