Cat-Related Sleep Deprivation

Cat-Related Sleep Deprivation


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Have you experienced being awaken in the middle of the night, finding your face being bunny-kicked by a pair of fluffy paws, or wrestled and grappled by your beloved furry baby. You hair may have been pulled a few times, or your nose been playfully nibbled, but none of these is as frustrating as you losing sleep afterwards.

Many of us can't go back to sleep after being interrupted. If your cat constantly bothers you at night for attention, play time or food, don't fret, there are ways that can help you finally get some quality sleep you need without having the little one there playing antics around you.

Franny Syufy from listed 10 ways to help you sleep:

  1. Give your cat his own bed
  2. Schedule Playtime Before Bed
  3. Close the Bedroom Door
  4. User Earplugs
  5. User Ocean Sounds or White Noise
  6. If He's Home Alone, Adopt a Second Cat
  7. Darken the Room
  8. Don't Give in to Food Demands
  9. Try to Temporary Sleep Aid
  10. Establish a Predictable Schedule - Top ways to Avoid Cat-Related Sleep Deprivation

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