Cat Shot with a Dart Recovering


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cat valentine injured by dart

Valentine, a cat whose left eye was shot with a blow dart at close range, survived the ordeal. Her strong will to live has helped her make a lot of progress in healing and recovering.

This two-year-old stray was discovered by a resident from the southern New Jersey neighborhood about a week after the incident. When she was found, the homeowner immediately called Gloucester County Animal Shelter to come to rescue the cat.

The severity of the injury shocked everyone, but the stray was able to purr and stay calm and alert. Normally with such degree of injury, the cat would have been put down, but Valentine showed many signs of hope which assured the rescuers that it was not her time to go yet.

Valentine received a re-constructive surgery to have the dart and her injured eye removed. The little feline did not struggle at all throughout the entire procedure.

All the medical expenses are covered by Valentine's sponsors, Joa's Arc, an animal rescue group and founder Joyce Moyer who is also providing foster care until the cat has fully recovered.

She was transported to the veterinary hospital for a second surgery on Friday to have her left eye stitched shut, according to

"She's doing great. She definitely had a will to live" Morrissey says.

Valentine is still an affectionate and loving cat, but because of the horrific event and the loss of her left eye, she needs to learn to adapt to people again.

The New Jersey SPCA is offering a $500 reward for any information leading to the arrest of the people responsible.

"Somebody did this, and they know they did this, and they got away with it. I want this person to know that we're looking for them, I want them to know they can't do it again" Moyer added.

story and image via People Pets

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