Cat Stuck in Tree 100ft Above Ground for 7 Days

Cat Stuck in Tree 100ft Above Ground for 7 Days


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Daily Time has another incredible story:

A mischievous tabby cat named Tiggs was stuck in a tree, 100ft above ground for seven consecutive days. The fire fighters were not able to reach her because the ladder was too short for the towering redwood tree.

Tiggs climbed up the tree after being scared by a dog in a garden nearby. Her owners were looking for her, but could not find a trace of their cat. On the sixth day after she went missing, they heard Tigg's cries and were able to locate her.

The ladder was 45ft tall, but it would need more than 2 ladders to reach the tabby.

The fire brigade did not consider adding more ladders or using a turntable ladder because the tree was very tall with large, thick branches that were hard to penetrate. The cat was right in the middle. If they were to remove the branches, the noise would have startled the cat.

Eventually "they sent an employee to clamber up the tree using ropes and pulleys" to have Tiggs rescued. [Related post: Rescuer for Cats Stuck in Trees]

Photos by Masons. Full Story at Daily Mail

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