CatPaint Cat iPhone App

CatPaint Cat iPhone App


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CatPaint is an iphone application that allows you to add kitten images to your photos on iPhone. Thanks to the wonderful technology and our obsession with cats, we can now create those pictures simply by tapping on the screen of our iphone.

This app brings photo editing to a different level. With flying, sleeping, lounging kittens for you to choose and drop in your pictures, you can create your own kitten land, fantasy world and magical place as you'd like.

The application provides a variety of kitten pictures from jumping, sleeping to lunging and pouncing. You can adjust the size of each kitten and even shake your iphone to adjust the position of a kitten if you didn't drop it into the right place. Just  start by pulling out your litter box and then select the kitties you want to add to your photos.

Below are pictures edited with catpaint app. You can see more pictures at the Catpaint gallery. Enjoy!

You can click here to see an album made by as they tested the new CatPaint app.

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