Cats are Beautiful Just the Way They are

Cats are Beautiful Just the Way They are


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I love cats because of their personality and the beautiful features they naturally possess. They do not need anything to enhance their look because they are already beautiful.

I understand that some cats especially Sphynx or Cornish Rex get cold in winter. Many cat owners believe providing their furry kitties an outfit will help them cope with the rigid temperature. However, the rule of the thumb is that if your kitty does not like it, don't do it.

The problem is that most cats hate wearing any outfit on their body and many will struggle as if they are fighting for their life to try to rid them of anything they are wearing. It is common to see a cat acting immobile or unable to stand or walk because they feel restrained in the outfit. The sad part is when cats try to free themselves from an  accessory or clothing, they do not know how to do it and often make it tighter and more restraining. It can be very dangerous if they start choking.

Many cats become upset, annoyed, depressed or confused when they are wearing an outfit. They may behave differently and sometimes become either lethargic or aggressive because the restraint from the outfit naturally puts them in a much more vulnerable position where they find it difficult to retain their line of defense as part of their natural instinct.

Cats are beautiful creatures that do not need any clothing to adorn them. They look great just the way they are. If you think your kitties might be cold, turn up the heat or put him on your lap. Provide more bedding for them in winter, so they will have a warmer bed to snuggle in.

We can celebrate our cats look by taking pictures of these natural beauties. Many cats have beautiful markings that would be such a shame to cover up.

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