Celeste, the Cat Climber

Celeste, the Cat Climber


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Celeste is a beautiful little girl with a tomboyish side. She is one of the kittens rescued by Giane Portal from Brazil. She and five other kittens (Aurora) came from a feral mother named Narizinho. Celeste is very mischievous and loves to climb on any high places no matter it is a shelf, door, or even a large towel draping over a rope in the bathroom. As long as there is a place up high that she can perch on, she will get there.

Celeste loves to play with hands. She will playfully bite one and immediately follow that with licking, then she will bite again. "She is so cute and full of personality. She's like Chihiro the cat who likes to tag along with us all the time."

One of Celeste favorite things to do is play with furry, fuzzy toys. She sees them as prey that must be hunted down. Everyday she creates a little adventure inside the house, sometimes she will get a few furry buddies to explore with her, finding new hiding places, climbing to the highest point and creating trouble and mischief in the house.

"She is a lovely and charming girl, full of energy. I just love her to death," said Giane.

Photos courtesy of Giane Portal (flickr: fofurasfelinas)

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