Coco the Fuzzy Little Rescue

Coco the Fuzzy Little Rescue


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Coco was only 5 weeks old when she was found in an abandoned litter of kittens with several siblings. She was the only little fighter that survived. "She was rescued, and when I met her through a lady who works at the vet next door to my work, I just fell head over heels in love, and couldn't resist when I heard Coco didn't have a home," said Coco's mom.

Misty and Peaches, two other furry residents in the house didn't quite know what to make of her when she arrived. "Peaches growled at the ball of fluff suddenly walking through the living room, and Misty seemed just curious."

"It took Peaches a good few weeks to warm to the new kitten, but now they are great friends. Coco follows Peaches around and tries to do everything she does, and Peaches begrudgingly tolerates her, like a big sister with an annoying little sister."

Photos courtesy of Still Burning.

Coco learns to climb:

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