Coco the Rescue Got a Second Chance at Life

Coco the Rescue Got a Second Chance at Life


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Written by ©Xiao Wen (flickr: Xiao Wen Wai)

One of my students spotted a white little kitten while she was driving in Singapore on September 1, 2010. She was only four weeks old. My student picked her up and brought her to school. She has five dogs who were not so friendly to the little new comer so she was not able to keep Coco. We put up a notice in school - asking if anyone would adopt her.

I never had any pets in my entire life... but I fell in love with Coco's white fur and gentle blue eyes. So I decided to foster her until we find someone who genuinely loves her and wants to adopt her. It was difficult at the beginning as she was very skinny and needed a lot of attention. Thanks to my cat-loving work environment, I was allowed to bring Coco to work everyday (even till today!) so I could watch over her and feed her around the clock. Everyone in the office LOVES her! My colleagues in Singapore and New York bought her a bed, a pink carrier, toys, etc - she was so spoilt!

On the third day, she looked very lethargic. I could sense that something wasn't right. Everyone in the office was worried so we rushed to a 24hour animal hospital right away. She had to be hospitalised the entire night. Even though she was drifting in and out of consciousness, she meowed super loud when the vet poked her arm to insert the drip. It was such a frightening experience for me and my colleagues - we shed a lot of tears that night! My boss even offered to pay for her medical fees - that's how much everyone loves her in the office.

I love her to death even though caring for her was a lot of work. I had to feed her every 2 hours. At the end of the day, she licked my fingers and I was reminded of why I wanted to keep her in the first place. I decided that she would be my first pet and I would love her forever.

Most importantly, she is seven weeks old now and very healthy! She will get her first vaccination in two weeks. She hops a lot - sometimes I think she's a little rabbit. She runs super fast and pigs out every time she eats.

Photos courtesy of ©Xiao Wen (flickr: Xiao Wen Wai)

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