Couple Found Kitten In Middle of Road Before Hurricane Irma and Knew They Had to Help

Couple Found Kitten In Middle of Road Before Hurricane Irma and Knew They Had to Help


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Right before Hurricane Irma made its way onto the Florida Peninsula. Charles Trippy and his wife Allie (from Charles and Allie - CTFxC) came across a tiny orphaned kitten while they were out getting supplies, preparing for the imminent storm.

"Look what we found on the road. I guess we just adopted a cat," Charles said.

Charles and Allie - CTFxC

As they were out running errands, they spotted a tiny kitten in the middle of the road. The kitten was running around all by herself. They knew that they had to get her somewhere safe.

Allie picked up the kitten and brought her inside their car, and Charles went back to look for the mama cat and other kittens, but couldn't find any.

The little ball of fur clung to Allie for dear life, looking into her eyes as if to say "Thank you for saving me."

Charles and Allie - CTFxC

The couple took the kitten home and got her some food and a heated bed. The kitten fell asleep in Charles' arms after feeding. "I can't believe we found this kitten just right before the hurricane," Allie said.

The kitten was feeling much more comfortable snuggling with her human and purring nonstop.

Charles and Allie - CTFxC

"It shows that we should be glad that we didn't leave. We saved a life," Charles added.

"She sounds like a lawnmower."

Charles and Allie - CTFxC

Everything was close at the time so the couple was waiting for the hurricane to pass before they could take the kitten to the vet.

Before they found the tiny purr machine, Charlie, owner of three dogs, never thought about getting a cat, but the little kitten was meowing her way into their hearts.

Charles and Allie - CTFxC

After the hurricane passed, they took the little fur baby to the vet and found out that she was four weeks old, weighing only 13 ounces.

The kitten climbed onto her human's shoulder for some snuggles right before the vet visit.

Charles and Allie - CTFxC

The couple decided to name her Rica because they found her in the middle of the hurRICAne. "She's a talker and a purrer," Allie said.

Rica rubbed her face against Charles' beard, purring up a storm.

Charles and Allie - CTFxC

Now the kitten has learned to eat solid food and is absolutely in love with her family, especially Charles.

"I got a buddy. I never thought I would get a cat buddy," Charles said.

Charles and Allie - CTFxC

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