Kitten Found In Middle of Road Squeaks in Gratitude at Her Rescuer For Saving Her Life...

Kitten Found In Middle of Road Squeaks in Gratitude at Her Rescuer For Saving Her Life...


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A man was on his way to work when he spotted a kitten lying in the middle of the road with her face down. He quickly turned around to check on the kitty. When he saw the tiny ball of fur breathing, he knew there was hope.

Meet little Phoebe!


On June 22, a man was on the road when he found a tiny tabby in dire need of help. As a cat lover with two of his own, he just could't keep going without knowing if the cat was OK.

"She was about a foot away from the double yellow line when I saw her," imgur user bunnysparklz told Love Meow. "I turned around and rolled up to her. I saw her little sides move as she breathed."

He was surprised and relieved that the kitten was still alive so quickly got out of his car, picked her up and took her to the vet.


The kitten was so weak that she was barely moving, but she kept breathing and fighting to live. The man held the little tabby in his arms the entire time until she could be seen by a vet.

"The vet looked her over and said, it was wait and see how she does... She had some head trauma which kept her down pretty well... Judging by where I found her she either got knocked by a tire or fell from the bottom of one."


The kitten stayed at the vet clinic that day so she could be closely monitored. When the man called them at 4PM that afternoon, the little feline hadn't had much improvement. They were hoping that things would turn around for the kitten overnight.

The next morning, the man brought his wife to meet the kitten. When they walked into the room, they saw their little rescue with her head held up for the first time.


As they were petting the kitten, she let out the tiniest squeak. Little Phoebe, who kept her head down the day before, perked up and mewed the sweetest meow as if she was trying to thank her humans for saving her life.

"This is the most animated I have seen this little girl since (the day I found her)!Took the wife to finally meet her and boy, did we tear up…. Compared to what she was like the day before, what a world of difference!"

Hear her tiny squeaks in this video:

Over the next few days, the kitten quickly bounced back.

They introduced her to their two resident cats, Tycee and Willyum, who took to the little new kitten and became her family.


A nose kiss!


"She is doing wonderfully now. Just recently got fixed. She is the world's most behaved kitten compared to the other two I have," bunnysparklz told Love Meow.

Cuddling with Tycee and her human mom.


Four months after the rescue, the kitty has blossomed into a healthy, happy, and very cuddly tabby cat!


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