Cat Adores His Little Sister So Much He Began to Cuddle Her Before She Was Born


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Dexter the cat has a sweet and caring heart.

This adorable kitty has fostered many rescue kittens. When his human mom was pregnant, he began to cuddle with her belly as if he was hugging his little human sister.

The day he met his little baby sister, it was love at first sight. Dexter has been guarding and protecting her ever since.

Photo: Lindsey Mead

Here he is keeping her warm and comfy.

Photo: Lindsey Mead

He is always by her side when she naps.

Photo: Lindsey Mead

Sometimes he and his buddy Leo take turns to look after their little human.

Photo: Lindsey Mead

He keeps her comfy with his fluffiness.

Photo: Lindsey Mead

...and always stays by her side to keep her company.

Photo: Lindsey Mead

What an adorable friendship!

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