Donnie the Kitty Found Surrogate Parents

Donnie the Kitty Found Surrogate Parents


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Donnie is one of the four tiny kittens that Szetoo found in a box outside. "George and I took them home, nursed them every 3 hours for the past two weeks. I've brought them to the vet since, had to cancel jobs and take care of them and its worth it," said Szetoo.

Caring for baby kittens is no easy task. "We got very little sleep every night, every time we went out we had to be back within three hours. Each time we fed them, cleaned them, patted them on the back t help them burp, warmed up their milk, cleaned their poo, it took us an hour and a half. And we did this 6 or 7 times a day. The absence of a mother meant we had to become surrogate mothers and teach them basic skills like playing, defecating and etc. Every other day I had to scrub the cloths we used as the base of their boxes and we had to warm up their heating packs every few hours to keep them warm and cozy," Szetoo wrote.

"These kittens have taught us so much about parenthood and we are grateful for this experience in so many ways. It hurts when the little ones get sick or when they refuse to eat. You worry when they lose weight or cry for their mother. I now understand that being a mother is never the easiest thing. I never know if they will run from us when they're older or if they will become difficult to care for but somehow this bond you've formed assures you that you will always love them no matter what," said Szetoo.

Photos courtesy of ©Szetoo Weiwen (flickr: szetooweiwen).

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