Family Gets Surprise Visit from Several Unexpected Guests


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A family in Peoria, Arizona got a surprise visit from a few unexpected guests last Sunday on their back patio.

Photo: Paul and Pamela Oldach

After Paul and Pamela Oldach woke up in the morning, they were surprised to see several wildcats hanging out at their backyard. Upon closer inspection, they realized those were bobcat kittens.

It appeared that their mother was nearby watching over her kittens while they were curiously exploring Oldach's home.

Photo: Paul and Pamela Oldach

"These little guys stayed in our yard for about 20 minutes until mom arrived," they told cbs5az.

"Seeing Arizona nature at its best."

Photo: Paul and Pamela Oldach

"They were very curious while roaming our backyard," Oldach said. "At one point, all three took a drink out of the pool."

Photo: Paul and Pamela Oldach

The couple grabbed their camera and captured these special moments of these beautiful creatures.

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