Feral Kitty Slowly Comes Out of His Shell

Feral Kitty Slowly Comes Out of His Shell


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Written by ©Hollin Brodeur.

Ferrell was found along with 3 of his siblings in a parking garage in Montreal. I believe he was only about 2 months old around that time. One of his siblings, unfortunately didn't make it, and one of them has already been adopted. Ferrell was too wild and feral when they found him that they were almost just going to sterilize him and replace him, but I was able to foster him.

He was very scared and cautious for awhile but after a week or so, we were able to have him roam the apartment freely. The best thing about Ferrell is his love for our cat. He follows her around and sleeps next to her and loves her to death - I firmly believe he'd be best with a family with another cat or kitten.

He has slowly been evolving more and more. He's still not a lap kitten but he's working on it. He loves to chase anything that he can find, and he loves to stretch out when he's rubbed. What's great about him is he'll pretty much eat anything. My cat is really picky, but Ferrell will eat just about any type of food you put down (as long as it's cat food, of course). Ferrell is pretty hilarious, as he's not the most graceful. A lot of times he'll just underestimate his steps and will stumble, or roll off the couch - he's a very entertaining kitten. He's extremely low-maintenance and friendly. I hope he goes to a home where they are willing to continue to work with him, as he's becoming more and more lovable!

Ferrell is available for adoption through Eleven Eleven Rescue.

Photos courtesy of ©Hollin Brodeur.

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