Flynn and Meadow, Little Brother and Sister Duo

Flynn and Meadow, Little Brother and Sister Duo


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Flynn and Meadow were only 7 weeks old when they moved into their new home. When the carrier was opened, their eyes opened wide and ears were perked up. "A brother and sister who we got from a vet that takes in unwanted animals. They were so small they had to be lifted out of the box," said Tim.

Flynn is a boy who loves boxes. He'd climb in them, play on them and scratch them. They are his favorite toys, much more fun than anything at the store.

Meadow is a tabby girl who is full of curiosity and mischief. She would go after drawstring on some clothes when you catch her attention and stalk the click of the camera shutter when you try to photograph her.

"When they were kittens they would run around until they fell asleep while still trying to play. The day we got our two cats they ran and ran around the lounge room. Meadow got so tired that she just stopped under the table and fell asleep within seconds," Tim added on flickr.

Photos courtesy of Tim (flickr: apeofjungle).

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