How Much Do You Know Your Cat? New Cat Body Language Video - Dispels Popular Myths


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How much do you understand your cat's behavior? The Cats Protection's new video explains the emotions cats try to communicate through their behavior such as when they roll over, flatten their ears or extend their tail upwards.

Three quarters of cat owners polled by the Cats Protection did not know that an upright tail means a cat is pleased to see them and is a sign of greeting

One in 20 people polled thought their cat rubbing against furniture or walls was due to an itchy face. According to Cats Protection, cats rub against things is a way to deposit scent

Four in ten cat owners did not know that a cat with flattened ears indicated that they are scared and in need of a place to hide.

A third of owners thought their cat lies on its back shows they want their tummies scratched, but in fact it means cats are relaxed and trust you - and want their head rubbed briefly instead

Half of owners were unaware cats signal stress by licking their lips

When cats blink slowly and then turn their heads to the side, it indicates that they trust you and are relaxed.

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Source: Daily Mail.

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