Hugo The Cat

Hugo The Cat


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This is how a cat changed a man and brought happiness into his life....

"I grew up my entire life without ever having a pet. Last September, Hugo changed that for me, and brightened my world," said Hugo's human dad.

"For the first few weeks he would scramble and play on the base of our table."

"I wasn't expecting him to have such a silly temperament."

"Every time I come home he's always scrambling to the ledge to greet me."

"Hugo's always there to lift my spirits."

"...and to look adorable."

"Captain Hugo guides his pumpkin to smoother waters."

That's his bed now.

He does some light reading with his human.

"For Christmas I got him his first catnip toy: a stuffed candy cane. He loves it."

All grown up:

"These are the highlight of my afternoons." Hugo has "brightened my world."

Photos via imgur.

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