IndyCar Driver Adopts Kitten He Met In Baltimore Shelter

IndyCar Driver Adopts Kitten He Met In Baltimore Shelter


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IndyCar driver Josef Newgarden fell in love with a tiny grey kitten from the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS) when he posed for the city's "Show Your Soft Side" anti-animal abuse campaign. Yesterday, he reunited with MJ the kitten, adopted him and became his forever human.

"Josef Newgarden has shown his passion for anti-animal abuse and animal rescue with his involvement in organizations such as Best Friends Animal Society and Show Your Soft Side. The story from the Grand Prix of Baltimore that touched a lot of hearts came full circle a few weeks ago when Josef sent his application into BARCS Animal Shelter to adopt Simba, his good luck charm that backed his 2nd place finish at Baltimore. Courtesy of Southwest Airlines, the kitten and his foster mother were able to fly from Baltimore to Nashville, Josef's hometown, to meet his new father," Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing reports.

IndyCar driver Josef Newgarden adopted the tiny kitten MJ that he befriended at a photo shoot for an anti-animal abuse campaign.

MJ the kitten is from the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter.

When Josef saw the little grey kitten, he fell in love.

Yesterday, they flew MJ the kitten to reunite with Josef.

They met again but this time MJ was going home with Josef.

MJ and his forever human.

Watch video:

Photos via Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing and  BARCS Animal Shelter.

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