Ivy the Kitten Rescued from Rocky Ledge

Ivy the Kitten Rescued from Rocky Ledge


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Ivy the kitten was found in an unexpected location. It wasn't on the street or someone's backyard. Little poor Ivy was stranded on a rocky ledge.

J.M. a neuroscientist who loves to go hiking, happened to pass by there. "I go hiking a lot and was visiting Oakfield Ledge State Natural Area. I heard what I thought at first was a bird, but then I didn't see anything in the trees above me."

When J.M. did not find anything from the tree, he started thinking it might be something else. "Then I looked down and saw her sitting on a little rocky ledge," said J.M.. You can see from the picture where the arrow points. Little Ivy was trapped, unable to move or free herself from the ledge. J.M. thought he had to do something about it. "I climbed down about 15 feet into that crevasse and then up a few feet to be able to reach her."

J.M. brought the little one out of the ledge and decided to take her home with him. Now Ivy has already settled down into her new home, playing with her daddy and seems so thankful for being given a second chance at life. "She's very playful! So far she loves shoelaces and any sort of paper as well as hands and feet."

"I never thought I'd be doing the rescuing! Glad I was there."

Photos courtesy of J.M. (flickr: wackybadger)

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