Jumper the Little Stray Kitten

Jumper the Little Stray Kitten


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Jumper is the third stray kitty taken in by Andrew d'Entremont. "I found her on my way to work. I heard a loud meowing over the sound of traffic and saw this little thing. When she saw me she ran towards me so I just couldn't leave her there all alone," said Andrew.

Jumper moved into her foster family and felt right at home. Though she had been weaned, she still got to taste a little kitten formula. "She didn't really need the bottle but since we had some formula and a bottle left over from the last stray kitten we took in we figure we would make use of it. She really liked it," Andrew wrote.

Chance one of the cat residents became very fascinated by the little new comer. They immediately became friends.

Jumper like many other kitties Andrew has fostered found her forever loving home.

Photos courtesy of Andrew d'Entremont.


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