Kaos the Little Monkey Cat

Kaos the Little Monkey Cat


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Written by ©Ida Braaten (flickr: runya).

Our ginger kitty is approximately 7-8 months now. His name is Kaos (Chaos in English) was found very thin and lonely in a garage. He grew up with a white kitten named Blondie at a local animal shelter. That's where I met him and knew right away that he and Blondie would come home with us.

Even though Kaos and Blondie are from different litters, they are like brother and sister to each other. When they just came here, they did everything together and never stayed out of each other's eye sight. Right now they are more confident and independent, but are still inseparable and always give each other bathes and snuggles.

Kaos is growing bigger, cuter and cuddlier each day. He loves our attention and often strikes a pose as soon as he sees a camera pointed at him. He loves food and enjoys playing with anything in the house. I can't imagine a better kitty than my own babies. They are very loved and spoiled by everyone in our family. We see them like our own little children.

Photos courtesy of ©Ida Braaten (flickr: runya).

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