Kitten Found Alone in Pallet Yard Snuggles Up Rescuers Shoulder and Won't Let Go

Kitten Found Alone in Pallet Yard Snuggles Up Rescuers Shoulder and Won't Let Go


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A tiny kitten was found all alone by a Good Samaritan in a pallet yard. As soon as he was picked up by his foster mom, he started purring aloud, snuggling up her shoulder and didn't want to let go.

Meet Woody the kitty.

Courtesy: Sandra @lafosterkittens

"This little guy was found in a pallet yard, no siblings or mama in sight," Sandra shares with Love Meow.

The tiny stray was covered in dirt when he came to Sandra. "When I went to give him a bath, he started to try to lap up the water. Poor baby must've been so dehydrated."

After a nice bath, a full belly, Woody took a long nap in a warm, comfy bed. It was the best rest he'd had in a while.

"He woke up and started making biscuits when I went to go check on him," Sandra said.

Courtesy: Sandra @lafosterkittens

"Little Woody insists on being a statement necklace. It makes me so sad to think this affectionate guy was out there by himself."

The shoulder is his favorite place for naps.

Courtesy: Sandra @lafosterkittens

Little Woody loves people and always makes sure his humans aren't alone by themselves.

He will climb on their lap and up the shoulder to offer some headbutts and kisses. "All he wants to do is climb on my lap, onto my neck," Sandra said.

Courtesy: Sandra @lafosterkittens

The little kitten is quite a mischief maker.

He looks so proud after he escaped the playpen and found himself a soft spot to perch on.

Courtesy: Sandra @lafosterkittens

He wants to know what his humans are doing and demands their attention right meow!

Courtesy: Sandra @lafosterkittens

Little Woody was found without a home and a mom, but now he has many shoulders to nap on and will be forever loved.

He nuzzles in the crook of Sandra's neck and purrs up a storm.

Courtesy: Sandra @lafosterkittens

Little Parrot kitty, Woody!

When Woody met his forever human, he adopted her with kisses and cuddles.

Happy and loved at his forever home! The sweet little boy will not be alone any more!

Photo: Lindsay @hooplalaa

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