Kitten Clings to Her Rescuer on His Shoulder After He Saved Her


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A tiny stray kitten clung to a man on his shoulder after he rescued her.

Meet Miso!

Nick H

Tiny Miso was a stray, wandering around an apartment building when Nick H. spotted her. As an animal lover who has a cat of his own, Nick rescued the little tabby and gave her a home.

Miso likes to climb on his shoulder so she can stay close to him. They share a very special bond.

After a much-needed bath, Miso crawled onto Nick's shoulder for some extra TLC.

Nick H

She scarfed down the food.

Nick H

After a big meal, Miso snuggled up to her human for a nap.

Nick H

Man's best friend.

Nick H

Real men love cats. More info: reddit.

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