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Tiny Farm Kitten Walked Up to Carpenter and Decided to Claim His Shoulder


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A little farm kitten walked up to a young man and decided to climb on his shoulder and just sit there.

"Just finishing up work and this lil (gal) showed up."

Photo: GodlyGrilledCheese

A carpenter from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada just wrapped up his work and was about to take off until he was stopped by a little fluffy calico kitten who demanded his immediate attention.

"She just walked up to me and meowed once and when I picked her up, she crawled up onto my shoulder," reddit user GodlyGrilledCheese said.

Photo: GodlyGrilledCheese

"The place was near my workshop (which is at my boss' house). They live in one of the insulated barns on his land. So she's alright, I see her walking around every once in a while."

His apartment doesn't allow pets, but he's trying to find the kitty a new home. "Their little nest is nice and warm during the day and night, lots of blankets for them," he told Love Meow.

Photo: GodlyGrilledCheese

"As a super manly man, I'm actually supper stoked to get a lil meow."

Photo: GodlyGrilledCheese

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