Kitten Found Left Behind is Terrified But a Few Pets Change Everything...

Kitten Found Left Behind is Terrified But a Few Pets Change Everything...


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A tiny runt was found left behind, fending for himself. He was terrified after a couple rescued him, but a few pets instantly turned him around.

Meet Tonka!

Supplied by Reeny B

Reeny B spotted a feral cat mama along with her litter of kittens 10 days ago in their neighborhood.

"She and her entire litter scattered the moment I stepped out of my car. My neighbor, husband, and I spent about two hours trying to wrangle the kittens, to no avail. We set up a box with food on my neighbor's porch for the kitties just in case the mother wasn't able to find them all," Reeny B told Love Meow.

Over the next few days, they noticed that only one kitten kept coming back every night. He was the runt of the litter. "He would gobble up as much food as he could and scamper back under the hydrangea bush he had made his home."

They tried to get the kitten out from hiding by playing videos of mother cats meowing. He would cry out from his hiding spot, but refused to come out.

Supplied by Reeny B

"When his mother finally returned to the yard, he followed and meowed at her constantly while she gobbled up the food. When he tried to follow her out, she hissed at him and left him behind crying."

They knew that the kitten wouldn't last long on his own, so they set out a humane trap to get the kitten to safety.

Supplied by Reeny B

"We brought him home, where he hissed and cowered from us for about 12 hours. However, the moment my husband was able to get a hand on him to pet him, Tonka melted into a puddle of purrs and now rarely leaves our laps when we are with him."

He cuddled with his human dad and didn't want to let go.

In the short time since he moved into his new home, he has gone from being defensive and terrified to amazingly cuddly, affectionate, and playful.

"He wasn't quite sure how to play at first. It took about 10 minutes of just moving the wand for him to get the hang of it."

Supplied by Reeny B

"We are very slowly introducing him to the other fur babies, starting with the puppy last night. While obviously still hesitant about the dog, he very quickly grew curious and is very obviously going to be completely fine with him!"

What Tonka loves the most now is to cuddle with his humans and purr up a storm in their arms. The little guy knows that he's loved!

Supplied by Reeny B

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