Kitten from Living a Feral Life to Living Like a Queen


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A little kitten was living a feral life, wandering alone until she was spotted on a busy road by a good Samaritan. She picked her up and knew exactly what the kitten needed...

A home!

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"My girlfriend is visiting an aunt in Virginia who came upon the kitten after a feral mama apparently lost track of her. Our best guess is that she isn't much more than a month old," T. said.

The kitten appeared to be feral when they found her but soon that was about to change.

"Her name is Sage," he told Love Meow.

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It didn't take long for the little feral kitten to adjust to indoor life.

All it took was a good meal, a comfy place to nap and humans who love her.

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Her personality began to shine.

Soon the tiny gray kitty taught herself a very useful skill - supervising her humans when they eat.

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She found her favorite spot to... contemplate life.

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She also figured out that when her humans are on the computer, she must get on the keyboard to offer some 'help'.

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It's been a few weeks since they found the little feral kitten.

She's feral no more!

Tickle the belly!

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She's now running the house and living life like a queen.

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Courtesy: FlightOS

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