Woman Adopts a Kitten and Returns to Shelter for Her Cat Mother Who Has Been There for 6 Months

Woman Adopts a Kitten and Returns to Shelter for Her Cat Mother Who Has Been There for 6 Months


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A woman adopted a kitten and returned to the shelter for her cat mother who had been there for six long months.

cat mom and kittensQueenie the cat and her eight kittensExploits Valley SPCA

Queenie the cat came to The Exploits Valley SPCA with a full belly of babies. She was estimated to be around two years old, and very friendly from the beginning.

"Prior to coming to the shelter, the staff were told she gave birth to several large litters in the past. Luckily, this is her last time having to go through labor," The Exploits Valley SPCA wrote.

A little while after arrival, Queenie brought eight tiny furballs into this world, away from the elements of the outdoors. The doting cat mom immediately started tending to her demanding babies, and catering to their every need.

nursing cat momShe was a great mom to her very demanding kittensExploits Valley SPCA

Nursing eight hungry mouths was no easy work. Queenie gave her kittens her undivided attention and watched over them as they reached one milestone after another.

"She loves everyone she meets. She taught all her kittens to love people too."

cat mom kittensExploits Valley SPCA

When the litter of eight were big enough for adoption, the kittens were quickly scooped up by wonderful families. Queenie became the last one still needing a home.

"Queenie raised healthy, chubby, happy little kittens and now it's time for her to be someone's baby," the shelter wrote.

eight kittensExploits Valley SPCA

While the kittens blossomed into beautiful young cats in their new homes, Queenie continued to anticipate her own happily ever after. "Her stay was extra long--waiting to give birth, raising the kittens for eight weeks, and waiting to be chosen."

When December came around, Queenie officially became the longest resident cat at the Exploits Valley SPCA as she marked her sixth month at the shelter.

panther kitty catExploits Valley SPCA

One after another, Queenie's feline roommates were adopted, and she found herself in her room, hoping for her turn to come.

"She is so sweet and it would be so awesome for her to find a home for Christmas and forever more," the shelter wrote in a Facebook post.

Exploits Valley SPCA

One of Queenie's kittens, Luna, found her forever home with Allison Crowe. Luna was a mini version of momma Queenie.

Four months later, Allison's beloved cat Johnny (who was also a gorgeous panther kitty) crossed the rainbow bridge. "I was so sad. I looked and saw a post from the Exploits Valley SPCA--that Luna's mommy was officially their longest resident without being adopted," Allison wrote.

kitten adoptedLuna and her forever human AllisonAllison Crowe

Something struck a chord with her that she knew just what she needed to do. "I decided my heart couldn't take any more sadness, knowing Luna's momma was there alone and her babies were all gone."

Allison went back to the shelter so that Queenie could have her dream come true at last.

happy ending catAllison went back to the shelter and adopted Queenie tooAllison Crowe

"In a twist of fate, Mama Queenie was adopted with one of her babies four months later. Thanks to Allison for adopting our longest waiting gal Queenie, just in time to spend Christmas with her baby," The Exploits Valley SPCA shared.

Queenie left the shelter after half a year of waiting. She was so happy to be cuddling in Allison's arms and to finally have a place of her own.

Queenie now renamed Juno was reunited with her daughter Luna at their forever homeAllison Crowe

The sweet cat momma, now renamed Juno, is loving her new abode with her baby, Luna, and canine buddy, Linkers. She adores her forever humans and spends a lot of time snuggling with Allison and hanging out with Luna.

"Queen Juno is settling in beautifully with us. We are absolutely in love with this gorgeous lil' lady," Allison wrote.

Happy and lovedAllison Crowe

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