Cat Takes in Kittens That Needed a Mom, and Feels Complete with Them in Her Presence

Cat Takes in Kittens That Needed a Mom, and Feels Complete with Them in Her Presence


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A cat took in a litter of orphan kittens that needed a mom, and felt complete with them in her presence.

cat mom nursing kittensVenus the cat momBest Friends Felines

A grey and white cat was handed into a vet clinic while she was in the process of giving birth. Sadly, her kittens didn't make it and the mom was distraught.

On the same day, a litter of orphan kittens that had been found in a park, were brought to the clinic. They were tiny neonates and in desperate need of a mother's love. The staff decided to place the kittens with the cat mom and see if she would accept them.

"She immediately started to allow them to feed and give them a bath. It's one of those tear worthy moments to see a mother who lost all her babies, accept babies who had no mom," Nikki of Best Friends Felines shared with Love Meow.

cat adopts kittensShe adopted a litter of orphan kittens after she lost her ownBest Friends Felines

Best Friends Felines (in Brisbane, AU) took the whole family into their rescue, and Sarah, a foster carer, welcomed them into her home. The cat mama named Venus was so happy for her new digs and all the soft things she could snuggle with.

"She is a sweetheart (like her little heart nose) and very smoochy. She is doing a wonderful job with these little ones."

cat nursing kittensVenus is a wonderful cat motherBest Friends Felines

The kittens had a rough first few days after having been left outside without a mom. Sarah, who is a vet nurse, worked alongside Venus to make sure that all the babies were fed, warm and loved.

Four of the kittens bounced back and began to thrive. "Mama Venus also gained a little much-needed weight and was eating really well."

cat nursing kittensBest Friends Felines

During the first couple of weeks, Venus spent most of her time catering to her kittens, nursing them around the clock, and keeping them immaculate from head to tail.

"She always wants to cuddle. After making sure her babies needs are met and they are all ok, she will come up and snuggle on the couch," Nikki shared with Love Meow.

cat momSweet VenusBest Friends Felines

"She has a very soft voice, so it almost sounds like she's just opening her mouth rather than meowing. She is very attentive, always double checking all her babies are happy and comfortable before letting herself get comfortable."

sleepy kittensThe kittens are thriving in foster careBest Friends Felines

Venus watched her kittens as they figured out how to use their feet, eat from a plate on their own, and play and wrestle with each other, creating all sorts of antics.

She is so pleased to see them thrive from being tiny little neonates to playful, rambunctious mischief-makers.

tuxedo kittenBest Friends Felines

After a few weeks in foster care, Venus has really filled out and become much more active. She didn't know how to play at first, but is so motivated to learn and try new things.

As the kittens grow, Venus is starting to spend more alone time with her people, and be the center of attention that she ought to be.

sweet catVenus is learning how to playBest Friends Felines

"Venus is getting some one-on-one time with the foster family and is loving her new cat friends. Her cuddly and playful personality is coming out," Nikki shared.

"All the kittens and Venus have found their voices and will yell for attention."

meowing kittenBest Friends Felines

"This gorgeous mama has done an amazing job with her adopted little family, and now all the babies are big and strong, she is ready to find her forever home."

One of the kittens (Jupiter the calico) has been pre-adopted. Her siblings Pluto (cream), Saturn (ginger), and Neptune (tuxedo) and Mama Venus are hoping for their happily ever after.

calico kitten standingBest Friends Felines

"Venus will always come up for cuddles any time of the day. She's very talkative and likes to demand attention. She would make an amazing addition to any family."

Venus the catBest Friends Felines

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