Kitten Found in Garden Gets Help to See Again and Reveals Her Adorable Crossed Eyes

Kitten Found in Garden Gets Help to See Again and Reveals Her Adorable Crossed Eyes


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A tiny kitten was found in a family's garden along with her two brothers. They were in poor shape and couldn't open their eyes.

The homeowner from New Zealand immediately took them to a vet clinic, who contacted Samantha Boston, a local rescuer, as the kittens needed a foster home.

"The kittens were all very malnourished as well as sick with cat flu and terrible worm burden," Samantha told Love Meow. Despite their very best efforts, one of the kittens didn't make it. Luna and her brother Logan slowly bounced back and started to eat.

Luna is a fighter despite being the runt of the litter. Her eyes and nose were crusted shut due to a severe upper respiratory infection. She couldn't see or breathe very well, but little girl didn't give up.

Samantha Boston

"Her will to live was incredible. She just would not give up. She took all her medication even though it tasted horrible - it's like she knew we were trying to help her get better," Samantha said.

After Luna's eyes cleared up, Samantha noticed that she and her brother were both cross-eyed.

Samantha Boston

"After a week, I realized that this was not changing. I took them for a vet check, and we found that their sight was not impaired at all, nor did the vet think that it was a sign of any underlying condition," Samantha said.

"It just made them look a bit different and cute!"

Samantha Boston

"Even though she was a bit smaller than her brother, she still stood up to him during their play-time rumbles."

From the beginning, Luna would follow her foster mom around the house and would not take no for an answer. "She would just try and follow me around. She even squeezed through their kitten crate and climbed up my shoes one day!"

Samantha Boston

She was the runt of the litter, but became so tough.

Watch Luna play with her brother in this cute video:

Both Luna and her brother have been adopted

When Luna was big enough, she found a loving forever home with another rescued kitty, Tilly, and a little dog, Lucca.

They instantly bonded.

Samantha Boston

"The three of them are best friends. Luna's owners say that she is the most special little cat they have ever met," Samantha told Love Meow.

Luna and Lucca!

Samantha Boston

Tilly is obsessed with her sister from another mother, and showers her with cuddles every day.

Samantha Boston

Beautiful Luna is all grown up now.

"She has a very silly but affectionate personality, and has made such a wonderful addition to their family."

Samantha Boston

The kitten who was found in the backyard, has blossomed into a gorgeous cat with a pair of perfect crossed eyes.

Samantha Boston

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