Orphaned Kitten With Worried Eyes Finds Happiness When Woman Saves Her from Shelter


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A tiny motherless kitten with sad eyes found happiness when a woman took a chance on her and nursed her back to health.

Melinda Blain @bottlebabyfosters

Cherie the calico was found outside alone by a Good Samaritan. She was taken in by Arizona Humane Society and desperately needed foster care.

Melinda Blain of Bottle Baby Fosters in Phoenix, came to the shelter and saw little Cherie who was just five days old. Knowing that kittens her age would need a comfortable home and a dedicated caretaker, she couldn't leave without her.

Cherie was smaller than her age and had a difficult time latching onto the bottle. "She was not a huge fan of eating and was super fussy when I first got her. It was obvious that she missed having a mama cat," Melinda told Love Meow.

Melinda Blain @bottlebabyfosters

Melinda continued round-the-clock feedings. As the kitten got stronger, she regained her appetite. "After her first week with me, she became so attached to me and constantly meowed at me for snuggles when she heard my voice."

Cherie had the saddest eyes and loudest cries. She didn't want to be alone and would cling to her foster mom until she fell asleep on her chest.

Melinda Blain @bottlebabyfosters

Neonatal kittens are very vulnerable due to their weak immune system. Newborn kittens need their mother's milk to protect them from certain diseases. Cherie was saved just in time and got the help she needed to survive and thrive.

"Cherie purred all of the time and got so mad at me if she didn't get after-meal cuddles and exploring time," Melinda told Love Meow.

Melinda Blain @bottlebabyfosters

At just a few weeks old, she started to use her litter box all by herself.

Melinda Blain @bottlebabyfosters

"When you're actually a super happy kitty, but you give mom sad eyes so that she'll extend your cuddle session," Melinda wrote.

Cutest puppy dog eyes!

Melinda Blain @bottlebabyfosters

While she was transitioning from the bottle to solid food, she became more curious and playful.

Melinda Blain @bottlebabyfosters

Cherie graduated from her nursery pen and moved into a larger room. She was eating big kitten food and using her litter box like a champ.

"She was still obsessed with me and I couldn't ever resist her adorable meows."

Melinda Blain @bottlebabyfosters

The tiny calico had caught up in size.

When she was almost big enough for adoption, she found her way into the hearts of a family, who had been following her progress since day one. It was love at first sight.

Melinda Blain @bottlebabyfosters

Watch her foster journey in this video:

Last week, the calico girl moved into her new abode and was renamed Waffle.

She now has two feline siblings to play with and a loving human mom to cuddle.


She still has those sad, worried eyes but is as happy as can be.


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