Cat Hears Orphaned Kittens' Cries, Comes Running and Becomes Their New Mom

Cat Hears Orphaned Kittens' Cries, Comes Running and Becomes Their New Mom


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Three little orphaned kittens came to their foster home in need of a mother's love.

A cat named Bambi, who is also a rescue, took them under her wing and became the mother they never had.

Ezgi @happycatfamily

Bambi the tabby has always had a soft spot for orphaned kittens. Ever since she met a tiny motherless kitten that her human mom Ezgi (a foster based in Turkey) brought home, she has taken on the role of a mother, caring and loving little kittens in need.

Whenever Ezgi brings home a new foster, Bambi is always the first to welcome them and offer them snuggles and baths.

Sylvester the tuxedo kitten was found by a neighbor a few weeks ago. "He had been outside without a mother for two days, so I took him in to bottle feed. When I introduced him to Bambi, she started grooming him and they bonded immediately," Ezgi told Love Meow.

Ezgi @happycatfamily

Sylvester was crying for his mom and Bambi was more than happy to offer him love. Soon after they met, the sweet tuxedo began kneading on her belly in an attempt to nurse.

Despite having no milk to supply, Bambi didn't mind at all as if she knew that it would give the kitten a sense of comfort.

Ezgi @happycatfamily

Three days later, Ezgi found a little brown tabby in her garden all alone. The stray kitten whom she named Junior, was in so much fear that he froze and couldn't meow. One of his eyes was infected and needed medication.

"Later, I learned that some kids had brought two kittens here in front of my house because they had lost their mother. I searched for the other sibling but I couldn't find her," Ezgi told Love Meow.

Ezgi @happycatfamily

Within minutes after Bambi met Junior, her motherly instinct kicked in and she began cleaning his fur and comforting him with purrs and snuggles.

Ezgi continued looking for the other kitten. A couple of days later, she heard meowing outside her house and followed the sound towards the whereabouts.

Ezgi @happycatfamily

"When I got there, I saw a gray tabby in the basement of an old house near my house. That was the other kitten the kids told me about," Ezgi told Love Meow. "She had been hiding in the basement for two days but had to come out finally. I grabbed her and took her in."

Before Ezgi got a chance to introduce her to Bambi, the sweet Foster Mom heard the kitten's cries and took matters into her own paws. "Bambi noticed the kitten, walked right up to her and started grooming."

Ezgi @happycatfamily

"Eventually, they have become three musketeers with a foster cat mom. Bambi helps me very much especially with kittens that I need to bottle feed," Ezgi added.

"They need a mother's warmth more than anything, and Bambi provides that. She cleans them, follows them everywhere they go and fights with my other cats if they try to get close. She even calls out for them when she can't find them."

Ezgi @happycatfamily

Bambi has been with Ezgi for three years since she was a kitten rescued from a car engine. Ezgi nursed her back to health and helped her find love and trust. "Rescued cats are more affectionate when they are given the right environment where they can feel safe and loved," Ezgi told Love Meow.

Sweet Bambi found her calling in helping little kittens in need. "All I have to do is to feed them. She does everything else like a real mother would."

The tiny trio who were found all alone, are now making up for lost time with Bambi their loving new Mama.

Ezgi @happycatfamily

Follow Bambi and her foster kittens on Instagram @happycatfamily.

Sweet Bambi cuddling with Sylvester.

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