Stray Cat Gets Help Just In Time So Her Kittens Can Be Safe


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A heavily pregnant stray cat got help just in time to deliver her kittens in a safe, warm home away from the harsh elements of the outdoors.

Natalie Stathis

A few weeks ago, a Good Samaritan found a stray cat wandering the streets. She was very friendly and appeared to be heavily pregnant. They immediately rushed her to a local veterinary clinic for help.

The vet reached out to CatRescue 901, a rescue in Terrey Hills, Australia, and asked if they could take in the soon-to-be cat mother. Natalie Stathis, a volunteer of the rescue, stepped up to help. "Mimi is very friendly, yet no microchip, no collar, and not desexed," Natalie told Love Meow.

They saved her just in the nick of time. Soon after Mimi arrived at her foster home, she went into labor.

Natalie Stathis

Three beautiful kittens were able to be born in a safe, comfortable environment. Mimi quickly dove into her new role as a mother and started nursing and feeding her kittens.

She wouldn't leave their side for even a moment.

Natalie Stathis

When she heard her kittens cry, she comforted them with love and cuddles and washed their little faces and paws to keep them in tip-top shape.

"I have watched her be an incredible loving mama," Natalie told Love Meow. "I haven't had to do top up feeds or help or assist Mimi at all. She's a champion."

Natalie Stathis

She feeds, cleans, cuddles and is always there for her kittens if they need a pillow.

Natalie Stathis

When it's her feeding time, before she eats, she comes running to her foster mom and sits in her lap for some attention and me-time.

Not only does she shower her kittens with unconditional love, but also she gives everyone in the house a share of her affection.

Natalie Stathis

"She has the most gorgeous meow, like trill almost. Mama Mimi is beautiful, as are her special little babies," Natalie said.

Mandatory bath time!

Natalie Stathis

They will be up for adoption once the kittens are big enough. For now, the sweet cat mom is enjoying her new indoor life with her precious babies.

"She will make a beautiful addition to someone's home."

Natalie Stathis

The kittens, Meowgli, Catalie and Tabigail are growing by leaps and bounds.

"They are super chubby and playful. They meow, purr and play... then they collapse and sleep."

Natalie Stathis

Mimi got help just in time so her kittens would get a chance at a better life.

No more worries about food and shelter. This beautiful family of four will spend the rest of their lives in luxury and love.

Natalie Stathis

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