Kitten Stuck in Bin with Her Head Poking Out is Now Back to Her Playful Self!


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A tiny tuxedo kitten got herself in a bit of a pickle when she was found stuck in an industrial bin with her head poking out.


A good Samaritan spotted a tiny 5-week-old kitten who was stuck in a trash bin with her head poking out, and immediately called the RSPCA for help.

A fireman from the West Midlands Fire Service came to her rescue along with the RSPCA. He climbed into the bin to keep the distressed kitten steady while the RSPCA used a lubricated plastic collar to help free the little kitten.

They named her Dusty.


The kitten is now back to her playful self at the RSPCA. She's so happy to be loved that you couldn't tell what she had gone through.

"She's a real live wire, and she's very chatty I can't believe she got herself into that position," Louise Simcox told Express and Star.

The little kitten is healthy and will be spayed before going to the animal center for adoption.

More info on RSPCA | FacebookExpress and Star

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Dusty is back to her happy and playful self!


Watch her story in this video:

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